Social Media For Lawyers – 5 Steps in 15 Minutes

30 Jun Social Media For Lawyers – 5 Steps in 15 Minutes  

This is a short and easy checklist of social media for lawyers to complete daily on both Facebook and Google+ to maximize your social media engagement:

Social Media For Lawyers, 5 steps in 15 Minutes

1. On your business page, post a status update with a link to one of your website pages or a blog. Make sure you use a hashtag to outline the subject, such as #criminalattorney.

If you do not have business pages, click here to learn how to create one for Facebook and click here to learn how to create one for Google+.

2. Share that post on your personal profile page.

Your personal profile page must “like” or “follow” your business page to be able to share posts.

3. Accept any friend requests on Facebook and add back in circles on Google+.

Be careful not to accept “spammy” profiles.

4. Send at least one Facebook friend request and add at least one person to your Google circles.

If you’re not sure who to add, use the suggestions and choose someone that is either a colleague or has several mutual friends.

5. Scroll through your newsfeed and “like” at least five posts from various people.

Engagement is usually reciprocated between people and draws attention to your own posts.

Social Media for lawyers is meaningful and necessary to connect with clients, strengthen your professional reputation and drive traffic to your website. This is a list of the minimal standard daily tasks that should be completed. However, to maximize the impact social media can have on gaining new business, you should have a social media marketing strategy in place.


We know what it takes to post relevant content, share links to your website, and promote your business in the most eye-catching engaging way. Social Media Marketing coupled with Social Media Optimization for lawyers can boost your organic presence and help your rankings rise more rapidly than just SEO alone.  Contact us today for a free initial website analysis.