Why are Legal SEO and Internet Marketing So Confusing?

22 Jul Why are Legal SEO and Internet Marketing So Confusing?

buy generic neurontin Legal SEO and Internet Marketing seem to be complex mysteries that lawyers cannot solve. Surely, being a college-educated professional, this has to be something that you should easily understand, but it’s not. And I’m here to tell you why.

1. There is no generic formula to create the perfect marketing strategy.

When a client retains your services, they are always eager for you to give them your prediction of the case. They want to know how you’re going to achieve the best result and how soon a favorable outcome can be expected. Of course, without me further explaining, you know there are way too many variables involved to give them a factual answer. The best you can do is assure them that you will avidly work on their case as it unfolds taking into consideration discovery, judges, opposing counsel and the parties involved.

Legal SEO and Internet Marketing is analogous. Just like your cases, there are so many different variables when considering a strategy for your legal SEO and internet marketing. You must understand each and every one along with understanding your own company’s needs, services, and goals. This is simply not an easy task to achieve for a busy professional.

2. Google likes to remain esoteric.

I’m sure that it is no surprise to you that Google is the top search engine, responsible for directing more than 60% of search traffic at a rate of over 1 billion unique users per month. A huge portion of legal SEO And internet marketing should be focused on utilizing Google’s many tools to promote and market your business.

However, keeping up with Google is almost impossible. Although Google has a plethora of help topics and forums, it does not readily offer information to the public. It quietly changes algorithms and launches penalties while nonchalantly publishing press releases leaving SEO experts scrambling to understand and predict how their clients are going to be affected. Unless you are equipped with patience and perseverance, your understanding of Google will be impervious.

3. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink from a muddy puddle.

There are two parts to legal SEO and internet marketing: Creating a strong website presence so that potential clients are connected to your website; and, keeping that person on your website long enough to convert them into a client. You have to understand both aspects to be successful at either one.

Not only should you have a marketing strategy to promote and create a strong internet presence, but you must have a website properly designed to handle the increasing visual demands that are rapidly changing with the evolution of the internet. In essence, you want to first make sure you’re leading a thirsty horse and then provide him with a “sea” of aesthetically pleasing information.

4. Google Adwords does not affect your search engine rankings.

One of the biggest misconceptions of lawyers and law firms is the use of Google Adwords campaigns to boost their organic legal SEO and internet marketing.

If you’re spending thousands a month on Google Adwords campaigns and nothing on organic legal SEO and internet marketing, you will forever be stuck in this rut. If you have hired a marketing company to manage your Google Adwords and they haven’t advised you of this, it may be time to fire them and hire someone that has your best interests in mind.

While Google Adwords can be a crutch to bring in new clients while building your organic internet presence, it does not affect positively or negatively your search engine rankings and therefore, is a short-term investment. If you are solely relying on Google Adwords and stop using it, your internet leads may also stop. It is best to invest less on paid ads per month and increase your organic marketing budget. In the long term, you will eventually be able to rely solely on your organic internet presence and spend less yearly on paid ads and your overall marketing.

5. So many new terms, so little time.

Just like legalese, the terms used in association with legal SEO and internet marketing are not something you learn overnight. Reading blogs and watching how-to videos can be like attending a foreign film festival without a translator. PRIME Legal has put together a SEO glossary that provides you with easy-to-understand definitions of the latest terms being used across the internet.

6. Search engine algorithms are changing every day, literally.

Algorithms are a set of rules, or a unique formula, that the search engine uses to determine the significance of a web page. Each search engine has its own set of rules that it uses to determine whether a web page is real or just spam, whether it has any significant data that people would be interested in and many other features to rank and list results for every search query that is begun, to make an organized and informational search engine results page. The algorithms, as they are different for each search engine, are also closely guarded secrets, but there are certain things that all search engine algorithms have in common.

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, explains that Google changes something to their algorithms every single day.

Even legal SEO and internet marketing experts have a difficult time keeping up with the changes in the algorithms and it’s our job!

7. Legal SEO and Internet Marketing is unique and should not be treated the same as other professions and e-commerce.

Legal SEO and internet marketing should conform to the services that lawyers and their law firms provide. Mostly all of the content found by a legal professional is generic and does not take into consideration the competition that most law firms face. There are very few Legal SEO and Internet Marketing companies that are actually owned and operated by legal professionals who understand our industry.



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