Are You a Casualty of the Website Maintenance Scam?

15 Oct Are You a Casualty of the Website Maintenance Scam? Are you being duped into paying for something that you are not in essence receiving?

I know, I know – you’re a college-educated professional and you would know if you were part of a website maintenance scam and wasting thousands of dollars per year. Or would you?

Before I began go to site PRIME Legal SEO, I was a legal professional who believed that delegating the responsibilities of our company’s website to a self-proclaimed SEO expert was enough. The website appeared to be doing the job for which is was constructed. Nothing seemed to be wrong with it. Hence, the payment of hundreds of dollars per month to maintain the site and keep it from “breaking” seemed like a no-brainer and a wise investment. Little did our company know that purchase Methocarbamol we were part of a website maintenance scam by our own SEO company.

Ignorance is not bliss.

Do you know what website maintenance actually is? You can’t even cheat and Google the answer. The search results are full of SEO companies trying to sell you website maintenance, but few will actually explain it to you.

Admittedly, even my own website PRIME Legal SEO does not fully explain it.

What is website maintenance?

Glad you asked! I’d like to explain it by comparison to something we can all relate to: Our bodies.

Imagine paying a doctor a monthly fee to “maintain” your health. You aren’t feeling up-to-par so you go to his office, he looks at you, says you don’t appear to be sick and you leave. This routine continues every month until one day you fall extremely ill. You go back to the doctor who says you still look fine but maybe he should do an examination and perform some tests. The results come back that you are now cancer-ridden and you have just months to live. You consult a specialist. The specialist informs you that had the doctor performed the proper examinations, he would have caught the cancer in time to treat you and your prognosis would have been nearly a 100% chance of survival.

I know this doesn’t explain what website maintenance truly is, but like our bodies, a website is constructed of several components that work together to breathe life into our website presence. Each one of these components should be examined on a monthly basis to be sure that they are still functioning. Flaws should be fixed immediately. Remedies should be applied when problems arise.

What is the website maintenance scam specifically?

The website maintenance scam is not whether you need website maintenance but whether the service is actually being performed.

How do I know if I am a victim of the website maintenance scam?

Start asking questions. Any good SEO company should already provide you with a monthly website maintenance report. This report should include the progress of your website and any corrections, deficiencies and suggestions for improvement along with performance analytics. If you have to ask for a report, chances are your company hasn’t been performing these services.

Pay for a website audit. Ask for referrals of a trustworthy SEO company from your colleagues. Hire them to conduct a website audit. They will then provide you with a comprehensive report outlining all of your website’s errors, deficiencies, and suggestions for improvements. This report should also include your strengths and how to preserve them. Ask for their professional opinion as to whether they feel maintenance has been performed routinely or whether they feel you have been part of a website maintenance scam based upon the audit.

What should I expect website maintenance to include?

A good SEO company will conduct the following at the very least:

*Test the site speed.

*Confirm that your site’s mobile responsiveness or mobile site is functioning properly.

*Run a Google Analytics report on the performance of your site and explain the results.

*Test all outbound links to make sure that none are broken and correct them.

*Audit any inbound links.

*Generate a report with their findings and any suggestions to improve the performance of your site.

How do I avoid falling for a website maintenance scam?

Before you sign a contract or hire an SEO company, demand in writing what they will be performing as part of their monthly website maintenance. Make sure that you will be receiving a report as part of the service.

How much should website maintenance cost?

Website maintenance fees should vary depending upon the amount of pages on your site, the amount of content on those pages, and the number of tasks performed per month. A good SEO company will speak to you about the needs of your company and provide you with different packages and different price levels to fit your budget.

What happens if I don’t have website maintenance performed?

Whether you’re a casualty of the website maintenance scam or simply do not have anybody performing website maintenance, you are putting your website at risk. There are Google penalties that haunt us if our website is not up-to-date with the latest Google expectations. Backlinks and inbound links can create havoc if they are left broken. If your mobile website is not functioning, you can lose out on valuable visits to your site.

If you do not continue to audit your website’s performance with analytics, you may never know whether you need to make improvements or corrections to maximize your site’s performance. These are just some of the worries you will have to face if you do not have website maintenance performed routinely.

PRIME Legal SEO takes website maintenance for lawyers seriously. While other companies will simply tell you they have performed maintenance and send you an invoice, PRIME Legal SEO will generate a report with its findings, including all measures taken to correct errors, and will submit a proposal with each report suggesting ways to improve your website’s organic search engine ranking. Contact us today for a free initial website analysis and free quote for monthly website maintenance.