05 May Stop Sharing THIS on Your Legal Business Pages!

source url Stop Sharing THIS on Your Legal Business Pages!

Analytics substantiate that social media marketing is important to your legal reputation.  By now, most legal professionals have created and are utilizing their legal business pages.   They understand that by doing so, they are encouraging engagement, endorsing expertise and inspiring client relations.

Social Media Marketing Importance

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Before I reveal what legal professionals are doing on a daily basis on their social media legal business pages that is undermining their marketing efforts, first let me share the reason I believe they are carrying out this act of social media suicide.

Lawyers are not marketing experts. They are busy professionals who feel the increased pressure to either participate in internet marketing or surrender potential clients to their competitors with marketing expertise. It is never a question as to whether a lawyer is intelligent enough to be able to market their legal services via the internet. It is more a question of whether they have the requisite time to conduct the research necessary to do so correctly.

In haste to participate in social media marketing without employing a marketing company, they dive face first into the apple bobbing bin of social media. They fail to see the worms that wiggle about that can spoil the apples. And sometimes, they quite literally bite off more than they can chew.

We are a monkey-see, monkey-do society. The internet is full of unreliable examples of how marketing should be accomplished on legal business pages. If you’ve been watching your competitors’ legal business pages and how they conduct social media marketing for tips and tricks without the knowledge of whether they have employed an expert to manage their social media, you are probably guilty of this marketing blunder:

Irrelevant Content Legal Business Pages

Doesn’t seem so bad, does it? You thought I was going to reveal something that is not so mundane to the social media world. However, mistakes with the biggest impact are often the ones we believe are not mistakes at all.



Attorney John Fighter, a family law attorney, creates a business page Fighter Law. His clients eagerly “like” his Facebook page. He even has colleagues participating. What a great start!

He knows the importance of posting on social media daily and getting engagement in the form of likes, shares, watching videos and post clicks. He begins to share interesting posts that he sees on his personal Facebook profile page. What a cute puppy. Surely everyone will watch the video. What a bad accident on M-55 today! Everyone will want to know about that!

Soon his business page is saturated with content containing political satire, funny animals, news stories, and articles that may or may not have been written by a reliable resource. And that is when the deterioration becomes apparent.

But why? What is happening to his likes, following, and engagement?

When you ellicit a business page like or a follower on social media, it is because the person is interested in you as a professional. Clients or potential clients want to connect with you as a lawyer. Colleagues may respect you as an expert or peer in their area of law or look to you as a possible referral for an area of law outside of their own expertise. They do not care what your political affiliation is, if you like furry puppies that bark the alphabet or whether you will deliver the latest traffic report to their newsfeed.

By doing so, you are destroying their trust in you as a professional.

By doing so, they will “unlike” or “unfollow” you and thus become unreachable.

By doing so, you are driving away potential new likes and followers who, when visiting your business page, will view you as just another spam-ridden business looking for the easy way out when it comes to marketing.

What do you do now if you have already mismanaged your Social Media accounts?

You cannot undo the losses that you have already endured as a result of sharing irrelevant content on social media. You can, however, do the following to prevent further loss:


Remove any and all irrelevant content as far back as you can stand it. You do not want to, however, remove every single thing. If you only have irrelevant content, choose wisely among the content that you must keep, picking posts that relate to at least the legal profession. Potential new likes and followers will want to see that you are an active business page before engaging, so a page history is still very important.


No effective marketing is conducted without a plan. Social Media Marketing must have a direction. Take into consideration how often you would like to post, what content IS relevant to your business, and who should be responsible for implementing the marketing.


Even if monthly social media marketing is not in your current budget, some marketing companies offer Social Media Marketing Audits and will create a strategy for you for a reasonable fee. At PRIME Legal SEO, we are legal professionals who understand what it takes to successfully initiate a social media marketing campaign.

Contact us today for a FREE Social Media Marketing Analysis! Let us establish a marketing relationship with you that you will find to be a Personal Reliable Internet Marketing Experience!