Word of Mouth Marketing for Lawyers

13 Jun Word of Mouth Marketing for Lawyers


There was once a time that reputation and word-of-mouth marketing for lawyers alone helped contribute to building a successful law firm.

The traditional word-of-mouth marketing for lawyers was rather simple. You would meet with your clients and provide them with several business cards. You might give friends and family your business cards. They would carry your cards and pass them out to friends and family who may need legal services.

Internet marketing has changed word-of-mouth marketing dramatically.

In fact, http://theshoppesathamilton.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://theshoppesathamilton.com/store-directory/clarks-2/ 74% of legal professionals say that they hardly use business cards.

buy Divalproex online uk Is word-of-mouth marketing for lawyers still important?

The answer is yes!

What is word-of-mouth marketing for lawyers?

Word-of-mouth marketing for lawyers has expanded beyond the use of business cards. It now incorporates several other internet marketing resources.

Online Reviews

Online Reviews on social media business page profiles, directory listings, and your own website have a powerful impact. 88% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations.

Online Review Statistics

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is considered word-of-mouth marketing for lawyers. When you post content relevant to your law firm and it is shared by your followers, it helps to build trust in your company. 90% of costumers trust product or service recommendations from connections.

Social Media Marketing Word of Mouth


Blogging allows a legal professional to step out of the prude platform of website pages and offer a more personal touch to their online presence. When a blog is authored that is lighthearted and share-worthy, it allows the reader a personal experience that they are more apt to share with their social media connections.

Incorporating word-of-mouth marketing for lawyers into your marketing strategy

Word-of-mouth marketing for lawyers is the compilation of marketing tools that encourage your clients to recommend your services. Strengthening your word-of-mouth marketing also builds your online reputation. A solid online reputation lends credibility and encourages potential new clients to contact your office.

Email Campaign

Sending an email to past and present clients is an effective way to share your social media business pages and solicit reviews.

Social Media Marketing

Devise a social media marketing strategy that incorporates daily posts to your business pages of content relevant to your legal profession.


Publish blogs on a regular basis and be sure to post them on all social media platforms that you are using.

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