Legal Website Is Not Built Correctly

06 Oct 5 Ways To Tell If Your Legal Website Is Not Built Correctly

buy generic propecia australia [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] 5 WAYS TO TELL IF YOUR LEGAL WEBSITE IS NOT BUILT CORRECTLY [/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height="16"][vc_column_text] Do you understand how a website actually works? If your answer is anything close to “not really,” you’re not alone. You are part of the majority. In fact, there are web designers and SEO experts who do...

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Word-of-mouth marketing for lawyers

13 Jun Word of Mouth Marketing for Lawyers

WORD-OF-MOUTH MARKETING FOR LAWYERS HAS CHANGED There was once a time that reputation and word-of-mouth marketing for lawyers alone helped contribute to building a successful law firm. The traditional word-of-mouth marketing for lawyers was rather simple. You would meet with your clients and provide them with several...

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Legal Business Pages Social Media Stop Sharing This

05 May Stop Sharing THIS on Your Legal Business Pages!

Stop Sharing THIS on Your Legal Business Pages! Analytics substantiate that social media marketing is important to your legal reputation.  By now, most legal professionals have created and are utilizing their legal business pages.   They understand that by doing so, they are encouraging engagement, endorsing...

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11 Nov How to Write a Legal Blog Rich With SEO Value!

Do you know how to write a legal blog? Most every successful law firm’s website has a legal blog. Online articles and reputable marketing companies have strongly recommended that you have a legal blog. Taking the time to question the wisdom of the recommendation is...

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Top Free Online Directories for Laywers

13 Oct Top Free Online Directories For Lawyers

Creating listings in the top free online directories for lawyers is necessary to establish strong local marketing SEO. It is important that when an internet user is either trying to find you directly or searching for a new attorney, that your contact information is consistent...

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AdBlock Plus The Silent PPC Killer

08 Oct AdBlock Plus – The Silent PPC Killer

Your internet marketing company won’t tell you about it. It isn’t something that you will read about on the front page of your favorite internet media source. There is an extension being used across the world that has the potential to kill off Pay Per...

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Social Media Mistakes Top 10 lawyer attorney law firm

06 Aug Top 10 Social Media Mistakes Lawyers Are Making

Social Media is an affixed marketing component that can either help or hurt your business reputation. Many lawyers and small law firms handle their own social media marketing without realizing the social media mistakes that they are making. When properly implemented, social media can help...

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