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Do you know why lawyers should use social media marketing? Lawyers using social media marketing is no longer debatable. Statistics show that legal professionals that have a strong social media reputation are seeing benefits in several areas. The following are just a few reasons why lawyers should use social media.

Social media can help build a strong and positive online reputation.

Social media is a great way to showcase your credentials, highlight your legal victories, and share what is happening day-to-day. When done correctly, social media can add the personal touch that many potential clients are seeking while still demonstrating your professional posture.

Connecting to clients and staying in touch has never been so easy.

Word-of-mouth referrals and returning clients are still among the top sources for generating new business. By connecting with your clients on social media, you are sure to never be more than a click away.

Establish yourself as an expert among your colleagues.

When you share new blog articles, opinions on cases or case law, or talk about your recent courtroom victories, you are drawing the attention of your colleagues. If your social media marketing is done correctly, you may soon be looked at as an expert in your field of law.

Your newsfeed can help keep you current in the areas of law that you practice.

As part of social media, you can join groups and communities that focus on the area of law that you practice.  Updates from those groups along with status updates from colleagues are a wealth of information readily available for your absorption.

Social media can lead you to new blog subjects.

If you are a lawyer who is responsible for your own blog, you know what a challenge it is to come up with fresh content for new articles. It is recommended that you publish at least two blogs per month. Social media newsfeeds can help spark new ideas for blog subjects and sometimes lead you directly to links to conduct research.

Social media drives traffic to your website and in turn boosts your organic ranking.

The goal of every legal professional should be to have their website rank high organically with the search engines. Once this happens, they may no longer need to rely on Adwords or other paid advertising to bring in new clients. When higher volumes of traffic are driven to your website, the search engines take note. They see this as evidence that your website is authoritative and reliable. When considering why lawyers should use social media, the boost to their organic ranking should be motivation enough. Eliminating Adwords from a marketing budget can mean a savings of thousands of dollars per year.

Social media posts are returned in search engine results.

Most search engines return social media posts that are relevant to searches.  This creates a bridge from the search engines to your website.  In this example, buy Prozac canada status appeared when searching for how to write a legal blog.

Social media sites are search channels.

People do not only use Google and Bing to conduct their internet searches, but also social media sites. Social media has made it convenient for users to search within their apps on mobile devices and will return that social platform’s posts before the web results.



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