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Website Maintenance for lawyers is a variety of tasks performed on a routine monthly basis to guarantee that your website remains free of errors and to make sure that all components are running smoothly.

The more consistent you are with your website maintenance, the more proactive you can be in continuously pushing your website’s organic search engine rankings. It is also important in the prevention of Google penalties that can set your organic ranking back if not addressed immediately.

At PRIME Legal SEO, as part of our monthly website maintenance services, we include the following services:

-Test the site speed.

-Confirm that your site’s mobile responsiveness or mobile site is functioning properly.

-Run a Google Analytics report on the performance of your site and explain the results.

-Test all outbound links to make sure that none are broken and correct them.

-Audit any inbound links.

-Update any website plugins.

-Keyword performance audit.

-Generate a report with findings and any suggestions to improve the performance of your site.

PRIME Legal SEO takes website maintenance for lawyers seriously. While other companies will simply tell you they have performed maintenance and send you an invoice, PRIME Legal SEO will generate a comprehensive report.  Our report will recant our findings, including all measures taken to correct errors.  In addition to our findings, we will include suggestions of how you can continue to improve your website’s organic search engine ranking.

PRIME Legal has a affordable website packages for websites of all sizes. Visit our buy Prozac for dogs page to start your services now!